Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let your kids 'give' this holiday season.

One thing that I hope to instill in my son (and any future children) is the desire to give back to the community. Certainly I cannot force this on him, but there are ways to nudge him in the direction of philanthropy. 

One option is YouthGive. YouthGive, where young people are building a world of good, allows parents to create a Giving Account for their children. The children are then able to manage their own virtual foundations. Parents simply deposit money via PayPal, and then their child can choose from a variety of nonprofits and decide how much to donate. There is no minimum, and parents monitor the child's donations along the way.

According to the website:
YouthGive helps to grow the next generation of givers and global citizens, believing that everyone can be a philanthropist.
YouthGive is giving by the many, for all ages, with local and global impact.
Help us create a new story for youth and families, one that empowers us all as caretakers of our communities and the world.

Consider engaging your child(ren) in the giving spirit this holiday season, and beyond!

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

I couldn't agree more. Instilling in our children the importance of giving back and appreciating that there are those out there in the world that are less fortunate than us is invaluable. Thank you for sharing this website. Our family has traditionally just "adopted" a family at Christmas, but this seems like a wonderful change.

Excellent post!