Monday, November 10, 2008

Candy, Consumption, & Cavities

If you still have Halloween candy lingering around your house, you might want to consider ridding of it, and quick. 
According to a article, the fewer episodes of candy eating, the better. The author states, "although some parents may be tempted to space out the amount of candy their children consume after Halloween, dentists have advice to the contrary: When it comes to teeth, it's better to eat a whole lot of candy at once than to space out candy consumption over time." Repeated consumption leads to cavities thus it's better to eat a bunch of candy and then brush your teeth rather than spreading that candy out over time.
So if you must, spend the rest of the day gorging on leftover Halloween candy. Do what you can to limit your child's exposure to the cavity-producing substance over time, and insist that your children brush their teeth after any candy consumption from this point forward. 
And really, did you need another reason to be the one to finish off the last few Snickers?


Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

So glad to have official backup for what has been our custom for years: Halloween candy is to be consumed within a week. Whatever's left (that's not chocolate) goes into Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

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