Sunday, October 5, 2008

FDA for Kids

Yesterday I was putzing around the Food and Drug Administration's website when I found their Kids' Home Page. The kids' web page lacks upmh and appears dated, but it does offer some great information for children and adults.  
Allow me to highlight a few of my favorite links from the site:
  • Food Safety Quiz - Questions about properly handling raw chicken, defrosting meat, and packing a lunch (the quiz only contains five questions - it could use more substance)
  • Pet ownership information including Are You Ready to Own a Dog & Provide a Safe Home for Your Pet - Both resources are good starting points for a child who wants a pet, but I think both pages need to be beefed up a bit.
  • FDA in the News - Offers brief statements about different FDA news stories relevant to children
Overall, the information provided on the kids site is informative, but the FDA might invite a considerable amount of additional traffic if they invested in making the site "cool." It could use better graphics and a more interactive layout. I believe that an FDA kids site is important because the FDA is a key player in our child's health and well-being. In the meantime, allow your child to check out the current site, and encourage him/her to send feedback to the FDA's webmaster about the website. Kids know what they want in a web page; let their voice be heard.

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