Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going green to save our children

I recently read an article highlighting the Love Canal, a Niagara Falls neighborhood built atop tons of chemical waste. While reading this article, I became quite upset for two reasons: 1) We still have children attending schools near or on toxic waste, and 2) The toxic waste could have been prevented if only we had been taking better care of our environment.
Fortunately, we can prevent future schools from being built atop chemical landfills. Thanks to a nationwide awareness of environmentally safe(r) products and choices, we have access to many items and ideas that contribute to a green lifestyle. 
I absolutely believe that children should not be spending 35+ hours a week on top of chemical waste - that is irresponsible and possibly deadly for the children and school personnel. But ideally, the chemical waste would not be there to begin with. Of course, that is best-case-scenario, but reducing our carbon footprint should be a priority. Does it enrage anyone else that we have children literally seizing because they are exposed to such pollution every single day??? 
Being green isn't hard, but I recognize that it isn't easy either. I only ask that you think about one or two ways that you can make eco-friendly choices - it just might save our next generation of young people.

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