Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A mother's role in the White House

Last night I listened to Michelle Obama as she spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. While her political agenda was transparent, I was touched by the emphasis that she placed on her role as a mother.
Malia and Sasha, the Obama girls, have hardly been absent from the spotlight during the campaign thus far. And though some might view their presence as a political move just as Michelle Obama's words last night were overtly political, I believe that the girls involvement in the campaign is a result of their parents' involvement in their lives. 
This is important to me because I believe that our next president must make decisions that protect our children, creating a safe environment for them in which to be raised. Having a mother's presence in the White House helps to assure me that our children will be in good hands.
I look forward to the Republican National Convention next week. I am eager to hear Cindy McCain, a mother of four, and I wonder whether or not she will emphasize her role as a mother as Michelle Obama did during her speech. I can only imagine that like Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain's family is her first priority.

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