Friday, August 29, 2008

History in the making

Yesterday Senator McCain announced his running mate for the November election. He chose Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. I am thoroughly excited because no matter who wins this election, history will be made. By no means should people vote for Obama just because he is black or vote for McCain just because his running mate is a woman, but it makes me proud to know that no matter who is elected, the 44th President or Vice President of the United States will be a first for our country. 
I am especially proud because this will be my first election as a mother. I am excited to raise my children in a different era than that in which I was raised. I grew up only seeing one kind of leadership in the White House - two white men. My children will see diversity. No, this doesn't mean that every future P and VP will involve a candidate who is also a minority, but this November will be a great start!

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