Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So cute

Okay, I should probably devote this post to something academic or insightful, but I just witnessed the cutest scenario on T.V. I am watching the Republican National Convention, and Sarah Palin is speaking. The crew keeps zooming in on her family, and her youngest daughter, Piper, is holding Sarah's youngest son, Trig. Piper is seven, I think, and Trig is her newborn. Both Piper and Trig are adorable, but it gets cuter. Piper started combing and flattening her brother's hair with the palm of her hand. Then she took the palm of her hand, brought it up to her mouth, licked her hand, and then went back to grooming her brother's hair with her wet palm. Both my husband and I just started laughing out loud. It was so darling. 
Kids just crack me up. 

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