Sunday, September 7, 2008

Talking to our girls about their "girls"

There's a new book on the shelves, and I'm quite excited about it.  Taking Care of Your "Girls" is a tell-all, breast health guide for teens and tweens. Written by a breast oncologist and her daughter, the book is complimented by a fantastic website full of resources and additional information about the book. I love the book's concept because it addresses the MANY embarrassing and scary questions that every girl has about her chest as she approaches and endures puberty. Providing our young people with the facts about "boobdom" is crucial in helping them to make safe and confident choices about their own breast health. 
And not just for the young crowd, Taking Care of Your "Girls" offers women of all ages essential and dependable information for talking with our young people about breast health. I am such a fan of this because I am a firm supporter of education and communication. When we confront touchy subjects with our children, we provide them with a safe place to go when they have questions about their uncertainties and fears. I would much rather that my daughter ask me about her changing body than an uninformed friend or no one at all. I encourage young and old(er) women everywhere to check out this book and begin having honest conversations about breast health and development.

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